Soccer Training in Loudoun County

John Regan is proud to present a series of soccer training opportunities in Loudoun County.  Our Camps, training programs, and clinics will be held in Leesburg, Hamilton, Purcellville, and Middleburg throughout the year.  Our training curriculum is designed for motivated players willing to concentrate on the lessons, cooperate with others, maintain a positive attitude, and strive to improve their level of play.  Our programs and clinics are very family friendly and parents are encouraged to observe and learn along with the players.  Below is a complete list of our remaining summer programs and fall schedule.  Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions.

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Saturday I-League: Designed for players first-seventh grade.  Program Tuition $95.00 (six weeks). 

TIMES AND LOCATIONS:  9:00-11:15 starting Saturday, September 19 at Harmony Middle School.  Six week program.  Goal Scoring (9:00-10:00) and Games (10:00-11:15).


Our I-League gives the game back to the players.  The I-league instills leadership qualities, promotes creativity and problem solving, and builds an inner competitive edge in our players.  Here is how it works:  Players spend 60 minutes in age-appropriate groups working on goal scoring techniques.  During the 75-minute game portion, players are randomly placed on teams.  Players in the first-third grades will play in the Junior I-League (4v4 games) and players in the fourth-seventh grades play in the Senior I-League (5v5 games with goalkeepers).  There are limited or no substitutes on the randomly selected teams, and maximum playing time is one of the unique aspects of the program.  The players compete in three or more shortened games each week and accumulate points for wins, ties, and even losses if their team scored a goal.  At the end of each session the daily points are recorded by the team captain.  At the end of the season gifts are awarded to the players with the highest total points.


Your child will learn correct goal scoring techniques and have a great time playing soccer.  There will be no coaches barking orders or parents yelling instructions.  The stress-free learning environment allows the players the freedom to express themselves and explore their imagination and creativity.  The players are in charge of organizing the teams and vote on a captain who is responsible of keeping score for their team.  You can expect your child to improve leadership skills through this format.  The players are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes trying new skills.  Our professional coaches are there to monitor, supervise, and encourage skillful soccer.  We can’t teach our players to compete.  They must acquire this inner drive and our  I-league allows them to gain a competitive attitude without sacrificing sportsmanship.


The one-day program is perfect for:

  • Recreation and Challenge players not willing to dedicate multiple days to a traditional program.
  • Travel players looking for a supplemental league on Saturdays.
  • Athletes who play another primary sport, yet wish to also play soccer.
  • Families with multiple children.  The I-League allows a wide range of ages to play at the same time and location.

 Alliance Boys


 Quest Girls




I am available for individual, small groups, or team training throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons.  Please call me at 703-431-3614 to discuss these training options for your child or their team.

All the listed Camps are directed and coached by John Regan.  Additional staff will be used, if needed, to support the training philosophy.  Many camps put the name of the director on the application, and delegate the training to less experienced staff.  Our programs are smaller and guarantee a quality training environment.  A full refund will be granted if your child is not completely satisfied with the training experience.

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John Regan - John Regan SoccerJohn Regan Soccer has been providing complete soccer education since 1991.  Coach Regan will be actively involved in every training session.  His reputation and attention to detail separate his training programs from the competition.  We offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any of our programs.  Your child will receive a high level of soccer training in a stress-free environment.  We look forward to teaching your child the beautiful game.