Youth Soccer Training in Loudoun County


Patrick Henry College:  July 31-August 4 (M-F).  REGISTER NOW

Located in Purcellville, VA, Patrick Henry College has one of the best training facilities in Loudoun County.  Our camps include outdoor training on the collegiate soccer fields and indoor futsal games in the large climate controlled gym.  Not many summer sports camps have access to both indoor and outdoor space.  We don’t want summer storms or extreme heat spoiling your child’s camp experience.  This year we will offer age-appropriate options for all players striving to learn the game of soccer.  Our training uses creative activities, competitions, and games to teach proper techniques and encourage thinking and decision-making.  It is my goal to offer a quality learning experience at an affordable cost.  OUR EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS MARCH 15 AND CAMPS HAVE SOLD OUT QUICKLY THE PAST SIX YEARS.



SUPER SESSION (8:00-9:00):   AGES 5-6:  Start your child’s morning off with our  one hour Super Soccer Session.  From the minute they arrive, your child will get a soccer ball at their feet and start learning the fundamentals of the game.  The activities are very fun and engaging and proven to keep your child’s attention and burn off some energy.  EARLY REGISTRATION:  $65.00.  REGISTER

HALF DAY (9:00-11:00):  AGES 6-9:  Footwork and fun is the focus of our Half Day Camp. Young players want to learn soccer through exciting competitions and games.  Our curriculum is designed to keep your child moving, learning, and having fun.  If the weather gets too hot, we move the training to the beautiful Barbara Hodel climate controlled gym.  EARLY REGISTRATION: $105.00.  REGISTER

FULL DAY (9:00-1:00):  AGES 8-14:  The full day camp maximizes your child’s soccer experience.  Many camps have a lot of down time and a long lunch period.  We focus of soccer and take short water breaks and a 10-minute snack break.  A typical morning starts with fast footwork training, agility and fundamental ball mastery.  We proceed to focus on a skill of the day using engaging activities, competitions, and games.  A unique feature is one hour each day is reserved for indoor futsal games.  We beat the heat by playing in the climate controlled gym and the players love it.  This is our sixth year running our camp at Patrick Henry College.  It has sold out every year because our coaches are dedicated to teaching soccer, the facilities are incredible, and an cost is affordable.  EARLY REGISTRATION:  $175.00.  REGISTER

HIGH SCHOOL PREP (9:00-11:00):  AGES 14-17:  The high school prep camp is designed to get the older players in shape and prepare for the fall season. There will be one hour of fast footwork and agility training and one hour of games.  Coach Michael Alvarado will manage the high school prep players and their activities will remain separate from the other campers.  The high school prep camp is a simple an affordable preseason camp to get in shape and have some fun.  EARLY REGISTRATION:  $105.00.  REGISTER


am available for individual, small groups, or team training.  Please call me at 703-431-3614 to discuss these training options for your child or their team.

All the listed Camps are directed and coached by John Regan.  Additional staff will be used, if needed, to support the training philosophy.  Many camps put the name of the director on the application, and delegate the training to less experienced staff.  Our programs are smaller and guarantee a quality training environment.  A full refund will be granted if your child is not completely satisfied with the training experience.

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John Regan - John Regan SoccerJohn Regan Soccer has been providing complete soccer education since 1991.  Coach Regan will be actively involved in every training session.  His reputation and attention to detail separate his training programs from the competition.  We offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any of our programs.  Your child will receive a high level of soccer training in a stress-free environment.  We look forward to teaching your child the beautiful game.