Read what parents, coaches, and former players have to say about training with John Regan Soccer

We hired Coach Regan for ten private sessions this past summer. My son gained so much knowledge and confidence with the ball. The best part was my son practiced every day on his own and looked forward to the next lesson.

John Alexander
Parent of 2004 NPL player

Jon ScraggI can't believe it has been that long. Those were the best years of my life and I'm glad you orchestrated our team so well, and you were a part of it. I have always looked up to you as a player and coach and never doubted anything that you coached or said. You are still the best coach I have ever had. I don't know if I would be the same player if you did not decide to come to United. You have that certain “it” that many coaches do not have my friend. I have been around a lot of coaches through my days and I still put you on the pedestal of top 3 coaches I have been around. That same sentiment is shared with the rest of our United team.

Jon Scragg
The Centrics Group, Former Player at Georgia State University.

“John developed an outstanding approach for Thomas Area Soccer Association, TASA, for a program that taught soccer skill, sportsmanship, integrity and most importantly, individual THINKING and DECISON MAKING for the good of the team. John is very creative, punctual and organized in his practices with youths of all ages. His particular strength lies in U-12 and down that is an Academy format. If you are looking for a traditional coach who buys into the mainstream philosophy of competitive youth sports that inherently will destroy the passion for the game at ages 14-16, John ain't your guy. He will take a a youngster and teach him the skills needed to enjoy soccer for the REST OF HIS LIFE! John truly understands this world's most beautiful game! I just wish he was back in South Georgia where the youth he instructed at TASA went on to win the high school state championship in 2009. A feat never accomplished in South Georgia!” February 27, 2012

Harry Vann
President Thomas Area Soccer Association

Eric Dawe“John played a vital role in my personal, and our team’s, development as our coach. His knowledge of the game and dedication to my fundamental progression not only helped me on the field, but instilled values I continue to use in running my company today.”
Eric B Dawe

Eric Dawe
CEO, Hinge Marketing Group, former player

Michael Kloppenburg"John Regan is the best soccer coach I have ever played for or been witness to in my life. His passion and knowledge of the game are second to none, and his ability to effectively communicate his message to players, parents and coaches puts him in a class by himself. John made a sincere impact on my life as a player and person. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, you will not be disappointed. It was a pleasure reconnecting with my old coach and I would gladly refer his services to any organization."

Michael Kloppenburg
General Manager Carr Workplaces. Former Player at United Quest, Atlanta

Arash DerkakshanJohn, I must say that growing up, you were probably the best soccer coach to have in all of America. I want you to know that years later I have realized that you played a very important role in my life and I want to thank you. My dad is going to be very happy when I tell him you say hello. I hope you are well and would love to see you some time in the future.
Cheers, Arash

Arash Derkakshan
Former Player-United Quest. Played at Georgia State University

Marco MataI want to say thanks for helping me develop my skills and understanding of the game. I have progressed a long way due to your coaching. Marco Mata, Faulkner University

Marco Mata
Former Player-TASA Raiders. Plays at Faulkner University

Steve RhyneJohn: I was so lucky to have learned the game from someone as passionate and knowledgeable as you are.
Steve Rhyne-Clemson Tigers

Steve Rhyne
Former Player, United Quest. Played at Clemson University

My son trained with Coach Regan for three years and he learned so much. Coach Regan helped my son become more comfortable with the ball, improved his game awareness, and became much more aggressive winning the ball. Coach Regan is the best soccer trainer I have seen.

Ricardo Diaz

My daughter loved working with you at the Academy and learned so much in such a short period of time.
We look forward to our daughter working with you again!

U9 Soccer Parent

I have been a gymnastic coach most of my adult life and worked with kids in soccer also. I love coaching and I was so impressed by the way you had big group of kids all different ages and skill levels and were able to keep everyone moving, following direction and learning. Thanks so much for your work.

U9 Soccer Parent

Chris MacDonaldHis consistant work to get the girls to understand what they needed to do and allowing them to learn it as they played in real time situations, made a huge difference.

John worked with simple game time scenarios that helped the team play together and understand WHY they are doing what they are doing. Simply one of the best, dedicated trainers that I have ever met.

Chris MacDonald