If you have a youth player needing technical training, why not get some friends and create a training group.  Small group training consists of 2-6 players training together for 70-minutes each session.

Small group training provides the individual attention to detail seen in private lessons with the benefits of real defensive pressure and combination play found in team training”

Here is what makes my small group training unique:

  • I do not hire less experienced trainers to do the work.  I am personally responsible for all the training.
  • I teach proper techniques and simple tactics, and show the players when and where to use them in a match.
  • I create a professional training attitude in the players.  The training will be filled with engaging, exciting activities.
  • I instill a passion to strive for excellence.  Players will be motivated to practice on their own.
  • I have the ability to communicate well with parents and encourage them to observe the lessons.
  • You only pay for the sessions we complete.  Inclement weather will not ruin your investment.

You will be hiring an expert with over 25 years of team building experience.  If I commit to training your small group, they will receive my utmost attention. See what some of my past participants say about John Regan Soccer Training. View Testimonials.  I also provide private lessons and team training camps at a reasonable cost.




Finding an affordable training facility for indoor winter training is difficult.  Outdoor options are easier.  Contact me below to discuss training venues and potential rental costs.

Hosting your own group at a house with a yard is the most cost effective way to train.  I can find a venue in Western Loudoun County during the fall, summer, and spring.”

FIVE LESSONS (70-MINUTES EACH):  $585.00 plus any field rental costs.

TEN LESSONS (70-MINUTES EACH):  $1100.00 plus any field rental costs.